• What is Story-Well?

    Founded and directed by Alex Simson, Story-Well is a unique well-being and training service. It uses a combination of traditional storytelling, teaching and therapeutic skills to help organisations, services and individuals achieve their objectives in an enjoyable, meaningful and creative way.

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  • Stories with your aims in mind

    Whether you are an individual, business or community service – young, middling or old, Story-Well can offer you a story exploring themes relevant to your situation. Working with groups or individuals we offer bespoke workshops or courses giving you time to explore each story and what it means to you or your organisation.

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  • Something for everyone!

    ● Businesses and services
    ● Health professionals and care homes
    ● Teachers and trainers
    ● Families and community groups
    ● Individuals seeking self development
    ● Therapists requiring CPD experience
    ● Historical and Cultural Venues
    ● Conference Organisers
    ● The Hospitality Industry

  • Stories to engage and inspire

    People of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures can communicate through storytelling.  Stories provide a unique way to explore all kinds of themes and issues including some of life’s more challenging ones.
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  • Stories to inspire learning, development and well-being

    Well-being is at the heart of Story-Well, whilst listening to what our customers need and providing the best and most meaningful service we can provide with a friendly, positive, professional and flexible attitude.


Story-Well supports adult and younger learners.  Carefully selected stories go a long way to deepen and consolidate an individual’s learning whether it is in the classroom, workshop, training room or at bedtime.

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Engage with your team. Explore some of the fundamental aspects of business-life in a memorable, creative and enjoyable way. Improve communication using stories to discuss even some of the most challenging issues.

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Well-being is an important part of being healthy. Listening to a story can transform dis-ease at different levels by engaging with the imagination and nuturing self-expression. People are encouraged to relax and enjoy themselves.

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The power of stories

Alex Story Well

Alex has been researching, telling and working with stories from all over the world for nearly two decades across health, business and education sectors.

Constantly surprised and delighted by their power to connect with people from a wide range of backgrounds, stories offer a unique way to express and explore all kinds of themes and issues including some of life’s more challenging ones.

An appropriate and well told story can make an occasion:

  • Relaxing and enjoyable
  • Memorable
  • Thought provoking and meaningful

Young, middling or old, stories are for everyone – bringing wisdom, healing and wonder into our lives.


Why Stories

“The purpose of the storyteller is not tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”     (Brandon Sanderson)

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“I felt my depression lift as I listened to the story.”

Mamsey House Nursing Home resident, July 2014