The Power of Story: An introduction to strategic storytelling

Thursday 19th October     9.30am – 1.00pm
Venue: The Salthouse
Church Street, Nunney, Frome, Somerset,  BA11 4LW

“Stories do something that other forms of communication fail to do: they completely engage an audience – and they can actually change behaviour.”  Margaret Parkin

In this workshop you’ll learn how to use stories at a strategic level to change attitudes and get people’s attention. 

You’ll discover the positive effect storytelling has on the human brain and why stories inspired Einstein.  You’ll gain a fresh perspective through listening and working with stories, find ways to solve organisational issues using story, and learn how to how to find suitable stories for the task in hand.

In this workshop we’ll use traditional folktales to help you to experience the power of story to reveal universal truths or wisdom about leadership, change, and other organisational challenges.  You’ll discover the power of story with plenty of space to reflect, discuss and learn in this relaxed and friendly workshop, and explore ways to use story in your own team or organisation.

Suitable for: Leaders, Managers, HR people, Learning and Development professionals, Trainers, Facilitators.

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