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“The storytelling was inspirational, to see in the mind’s eye different thoughts and ideas, a feeling of being at one with the world.” Somerset Cancer Care: Health and Well-Being Partnership, 2015

Working holistically, Story-Well nurtures self esteem and self expression.  Well-being is an important part of being healthy and stories, as well as the ability to play have the potential to ease and transform dis-ease at different levels.  By engaging with imagination, people are encouraged to relax and express themselves resulting in physical, mental and emotional relief.  This can help to release natural healing energy that can boost the immune system.


 Story-Well and the Sesame Method

Over the last few years I have been taking stories from all over the world into different care settings and am always delighted to hear how “soothing” and “relaxing” people find them.   Listeners are drawn into the tales, taken on a journey into a realm full of meaning, magic and mystery.  Often people tell me they feel as if “transported into another world” – where the normal worries and anxieties of everyday life do not exist.

The stories I share are some of the world’s oldest stories.  They hold an ancient and collective wisdom passed down from generation to generation – which still hold true today.  After I have told a story I usually go round the circle offering people the space to share any thoughts or feelings about the story.  Some say, “Very interesting” and may expand further.  Once a lady said the story “Seemed to be about the unknown …  it told me that sometimes taking the plunge can pay off and turn out well.” While others may observe the need to allow time for the story to settle before expressing themselves.

What’s lovely to witness, is that everyone is different and there are often as many different responses to a story as there are listeners in the circle – and that no-one is ever wrong!

Story-Well also uses the Sesame method to encourage the development of self expression and self confidence. Sesame is a non-confrontational therapy based on Jungian psychology and the knowledge that difficulties can be resolved indirectly through the use of metaphor and the imagination.   Just like the ancient story uses the phrase ‘Open Sesame’ to open the cave door and reveal treasure, the Sesame method invites people to access their own personal and inner resources to promote healing and change.

Using an inner language that is initially non-verbal, self expression is encouraged through the use of story, drama, movement and sound – explored in a safe and playful environment.  Creative play is an effective way to make sense of the world.  It offers us the chance to explore and express, to develop trust and build relationships, all in an enjoyable way.

“It was a relaxed atmosphere where I was able to explore my feelings without comment.”  

 The method is effective with groups as well as 1:1.





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