Business story telling


Story-Well can enable you to communicate some fundamental aspects of business-life in a memorable, creative and enjoyable way.  Using storytelling can help to achieve high engagement levels while advances in neuroscience has demonstrated how our brains respond to stories – making them a perfect tool to improve communication.

“I’ve learned how to use stories to develop ideas and inspire others and understand how the brain uses information to interpret and understand different situations.” 

An appropriate and well chosen story is an effective way to engage with your team – whether it is to:

  • Explore leadership
  • Develop team building
  • Manage change
  • Improve well-being and staff morale
  • Address issues around conflict, bullying or harassment
  • Communicate and explore an organisation’s core values

“Story-Well’s workshop has helped me to understand how to use stories in situations where just talking about it doesn’t help.”

Based in the west country and working all over the UK, Alex is a professional storyteller and trainer offering bespoke workshops and events to businesses and services in both the public and private sectors, exploring all kinds of themes and issues including to promote well-being.

It is now widely recognised that well-being boosts learning, productivity, effectiveness, staff loyalty and respect. Having a positive attitude and being motivated means highly skilled, experienced staff are more resilient to stress and burn-out thereby reducing costs related to absenteeism/presenteeism.

Story-Well is a refreshing resource using traditional narrative from around the world to explore and develop key qualities eg. interpersonal/communication skills, effective leadership, adaptability and core values such as loyalty and courage. Using the ancient art form of storytelling, groups are able to relax, making it easier to practice listening skills whilst exploring different kinds of themes and issues, including some of life’s more challenging ones.

Raising mental health awareness – enabling employers to support their teams:
Story-Well can deliver tailor-made mental health training to suit your organisation, business or service needs.

Topics include:

  • What is mental health?
  • Rglobeecognising mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression in the workplace
  • The importance of boundaries and preventing burn-out
  • Supporting employees experiencing mental health difficulties – during or after a leave of absence
  • Anti-stigma workshops

“I’ve understood the importance of mental health awareness and have learned how to cope with the stresses of work and the importance of being resilient.”

Creating and sustaining a healthy workforce benefits everyone, it helps to:

  • Reduce sick leave
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs
  • Increase morale
  • Demonstrate you as an employer value your staff
  • Increase company/service loyalty
  • Retain valued customers as well as promoting new ones.

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